Voice Therapy

Voice Therapy

Voice Disorders

We all are conscious about our voice as voice reflects personality of an individual .Good voice is essential for many professionals for effective communication. Voice is produced by the vibration of vocal cords in the larynx and if vocal cords are not working effectively voice problems are seen. Voice disorders include problems with pitch, loudness or quality that distract listeners from what's being said. Along with Voice disorders there may be associated pain or discomfort while speaking, difficulty in swallowing, breathing etc.

Causes of voice disorder

The causes of voice disorders can be varied. Infection, injury, paralysis or tumors of the larynx etc may lead to hoarse, breathy, harsh or painful voice. Voice problem is commonly seen in person whose job puts a high demand on the vocal cords. Amongst the most frequently seen professionals with voice disorders are teachers, singers, people who use their voice in noisy environments like street vendors, factory workers etc. Voice abuse and misuse may lead to the formation of vocal nodules, polyps or cysts causing hoarseness in voice. Puberphonia , a functional voice disorder, is characterized by the habitual use of a high-pitched voice after puberty, so males tend to have female like voice and androphonia is characterized by abnormally low pitched voice less than 100Hz presenting as male voice in females. Voice problems can be effectively treated with voice therapy which involves exercises for correct projection of voice by maintaining proper respiratory patterns

Evaluation and Treatment:

In our clinic we carry out comprehensive evaluation to assess different parameters of your voice quality. Once the underlying cause of the disorder is determined, a comprehensive individualized voice therapy (treatment plan) is developed. It is designed to re-strengthen and re-balance your laryngeal mechanism.