Hearing Aid Programming


Hearing aid suitable for a person’s life style & requirement will be prescribed after assessing the severity & configuration of hearing loss. A free trial of hearing aids from a wide range of SIEMENS digital hearing aids available at the centre will be given to assess the benefit of hearing aid and its cosmetic appeal. Siemens Hearing aids are programmed through a computer according to the hearing loss of each individual patient & his routine. Models available are


1) Receiver In the Canal (RIC) Siemens hearing aid
2) Behind The Ear Siemens hearing aid (BTE)
2) In the Ear Siemens hearing aid (ITE)
3) In The Canal Siemens hearing aid (ITC)
4) Completely In The Canal (CIC) invisible Siemens hearing aid
5) Body level or Pocket type Siemens hearing aid

1)When should I get a Siemens hearing aid?

Hearing loss usually develop slowly and is difficult for a person to identify a hearing loss. Initially a person will find it difficult to accept a hearing loss, but it is not possible to hide your hearing loss. Audiologist at Siemens Best Sound center would be the right person to identify the severity of hearing loss and to let you know when you should be using your hearing aid.

2) From where should I get the Siemens hearing aid?

Siemens Hearing aids should be purchased only from a qualified and licensed professional and from an authorized center like Siemens Best Sound Centre. Siemens Hearing Care Kannur is an authorized Siemens Best Sound hearing aid fitting center with a well-trained and qualified audiologist. Hearing aid has a complex circuitry and needs to be programmed according to each person’s hearing loss and unique life style. So professional fitting and fine tuning is very important as it is an investment for life time.

3) Is the hearing aid same for all?

Each person's ear and hearing is unique like his life style. So a Siemens hearing aid which will suite your hearing loss will not work for another person with same or different hearing loss. So it is not advisable to compare the performance of another person's hearing aid to yours.

4) Will a hearing aid bring my normal hearing back?

Unfortunately, hearing aids do not cure your hearing loss. Hearing aids will improve your hearing by amplifying sounds around you according to your hearing impairment and prevents auditory deprivation.

5) What are the different types of Siemens hearing aids?

Hearing aids can be kept invisible inside the ear like completely in the canal (CIC) or it can be in the canal (ITC), behind the ear (BTE) or can be kept at body level called pocket type hearing aid. A new category of hearing aids called Siemens Receiver in the canal (RIC) hearing aids keeps the ear open, discretely sits behind the ear and can be used for most types and severity of hearing loss.

6) Are costlier hearing aids the better?

Siemens Hearing aid technology has improved dramatically over the last few years making the sounds clearer for each person’s unique hearing loss and reducing unwanted noise around him and these technologically advanced hearing aids are costlier.

7) Is it better to have Siemens hearing aids on both ears?

If you have hearing loss in both ears it is better to use two hearing aids. It helps in locating the sounds, works better in noisy areas and gives stereo effect for the sounds. Also with Siemens new Nx technology your own voice will be clearer when worn on both sides and will not disturb you during conversations.

8) How long does hearing aid batteries last

Battery life depends on each hearing aid model, Bluetooth availability and settings of the hearing aid. Typically hearing aid batteries last from 80hours to 300hours depending on size of battery